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What is MSB Bloc

MSB Bloc is a comprehensive suite of software that empowers your business to be a streamlined and modern financial operation. MSB Bloc seamlessly integrates into your existing systems infrastructure through simple API's or creates it from scratch with our own dashboards and interfaces. The result is an enterprise level platform to support global enterprises dealing in high volume cross-border transactions.


With MSB Bloc your data is secured using Distributed Ledger Technology: the same technology that powers blockchain with all of the same security benefits and optimised for business applications. Not only this, your data is further protected with sophiticated user identification thus reducing fraud and hacks. 

24/7 automated Anti-Money Laundering (AML) monitoring and reporting are performed on all of your financial transactions. MSB Bloc gives you the peace of mind knowing that your business maintains low risk and compliant with the law while doing so with less staff but with greater effectiveness. 

By reducing your overhead and generating new cash flow from both current and new revenue streams MSB Bloc makes your business more profitable. With technology and global partnerships we provide innovative and efficient new ways to manage accounts and to transact with customers that grows your market reach, market awareness, and market share. 

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MSB Bloc Features

User Identification

Accurately identify online users in a secure manner that fulfills FINTRAC due diligence for online transactions. Conduct face-less transactions with security and low risk.

Instant Adjudication

We instantly adjuditcate credit applications as per your matrix by performing realtime credit checks, data analytics, income detection, and more with machine learning.

Global Reach

MSB Bloc connects you to a global network of merchants and vendors that act as tellers. At these sites, your clients can do everyday banking giving you instant global reach.

Card Program

Get custom branded visa/mastercard credit or debit reloabable cards to reward loyal customers, open up new revenue streams, make your business stand out and more!


Our automated AML software maintains 24/7 monitoring and reporting of your accounts as per FINTRAC regulations. Our software constantly updates to reflect evolving laws.

Instant Remittances

With our advanced online infrastructure and our international partnerships, your clients can remit money instantly for pickup in select countries.

Smart Contracts

We employ self-executing smart contracts to secure financial transactions such as pre-authorised debits. With Smart contracts, you get lower risk and added security.

Digital Payments

Upgrade to the modern and cheaper way for customers to transact with you. Make/recieve payments with QR codes, NFC chips, custom e-wallet apps and more with MSB Bloc.

Online Payments

With our end-to-end payments system, we easily enable your business to perform global financial transactions online. Simplify global money movement with MSB Bloc.

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