The Bloc Estate Advantage

 Bloc Estate's cloud service delivers sophisticated solutions focused on the efficient, secure, and compliant conduct of financial operations at an enterprise level. We leverage the sophistication of our software products and our expertise in the fields of financial technologies, compliance, machine learning, and blockchain, to generate solutions that are seamlessly integrated into your business.

Cloud Based

Instant global access to enterprise level security and performance. The cloud mitigates the costs and liability of managing your own servers.


Our solutions employ the same technologies that power blockchain. Just one way Bloc Estate secures your information against fraud and hacks.

Seamless Integration

Our simple-to-use APIs and diligent developer team ensure that our solutions integrate seamlessly into your business. We also offer turnkey customizable interfaces. 


Our AML solutions employ machine learning algorithms to automatically enforce regulatory compliance. Forego the expense of costly consultants.

Well Connected

We connect you to a global network of vendors and in-person payment locations. Your one brick and mortar location just became thousands.


By reducing your overhead and generating new cash flow from both current and new revenue streams Bloc Estate makes your business more profitable. 


We know every business is unique. That's why we've built powerful solutions to match your unique needs.     


Financial Institutions

Bank Bloc For banks, credit unions,
mortgage brokers, etc.
  • Auto AML compliance
  • Pre-authorised debits
  • Online money transfers
  • User ID verification
  • and more...

Money Services Business

MSB Bloc For remittances, money
transfers, FOREX, etc.
  • Remit money globally
  • Auto AML compliance
  • User ID verification
  • Online money transfers
  • and more...

Real Estate

Estate Bloc For real estate brokerages,
property managers, etc.
  • REBBA compliance
  • User ID verification
  • Auto financial reporting
  • Online money transfers
  • and more...

Events Management

Event Bloc For event and venue managers, festival organizers, etc.
  • Custom card program
  • VIP card program
  • Virtual wallet apps
  • Payroll solutions
  • and more...

Financial Expertise

Bloc Estate's software suites can add a wealth of benefits to your business. 



Advanced user verification ensures that you can reliably identify an individual online. Give you and your clients the peace of mind knowing that they can trust those in the transaction are who they say they are.  


Client Database

Need a way to safely store and manage the sensitive information of your users and customers? We offer enterprise-level registries that secure your customers' information using the same technology that powers blockchain.


Client Insights

Machine learning algorithms paired with advanced analytical science allows us to conduct our own credit checks in order to assist lenders in vetting applicants for alternative financing methods. 



You get 24/7 automated monitoring and reporting of your financial transactions in compliance with FINTRAC and other Canadian regulations to secure you against money laundering and fraud. 

Our Proven Expierence


Use Case for Retailers


Revenue generated by our card program over 2 years.


Time in minutes it took us to adjudicate and issue credit or debit cards.


The number of credit and debit cards issued to in-store customers.

Smart Solutions For You

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